About me

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Hi, I am Micha


As a tourism and scuba diving professional, I provide my experience and professional workforce to partners in the industry, while giving them the outmost flexibility.


After several years, working at receptions and in F&B of different ​​hotels in Germany, I combined my hobbies and my profession and started exploring diving tourism all over the world. I gathered experiences as a receptionist, dive instructor and resort manager in dive resorts in various countries. Always looking to learn new aspects of tourism, I also spent several years working as a travel agent for tour operators in the Caribbean, Germany and Austria.


Therefore, in addition to a sound knowledge in all areas of tourism, I also bring with me a great deal of diving and travel experience.  


I never followed a straight career path but rather looked for new learning experiences, gaining an extensive knowledge both professionally and personally. That curiosity led me to live and work in 10 different countries in the last 25 years. I helped to give all kinds of tourists an extraordinary vacation experience, under and above water, at the frontline and behind the scenes. I have greeted millionaires, celebrities and backpackers and was a team member of a hotel with 1200 beds as well as dive resorts with as little as 6 rooms. I assisted clients with booking a 300 Euro week in Egypt as well as a 10.000 Euro trip to Indonesia and strongly believe that every person deserves to have a great vacation, no matter where or for what budget.


So I think it is safe to say, I have experienced almost every aspect of tourism and can easily adapt to a lot of different jobs and surroundings. This is what allows me to jump into a new challenge and offer a professional service to a wide range of hospitality businesses. Having traveled to more than 30 countries on 5 continents and completed more than 1000 dives, not only made me open to all cultures but also very aware of the beauty and fragility of our planet.


Exploring the world while saving our environment, as good as possible, is not only my profession but also my life’s mission.