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Content marketing on facebook – “It’s not rocket science”

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The 7 minutes “Get you started guide” to what, how and why to post on facebook on a regular basis

No matter what we all personally think about facebook, we simply can’t deny the fact that most of our clients are on it, and that there are a lot of free options small businesses can use, without paying a marketing expert or buying ads.

Step one is having a facebook business page, which most resorts, travel agencies, and dive centers do. If you don’t, just have a look, it is pretty easy to create one. Most of us only use our pages for special offers and official announcements. Great start, but to reach new clients, we need to do a bit more. I felt like, outside of tourism, everyone was constantly talking about content marketing. So I dug a bit in what that means, and while I won’t pretend to be the new expert, I also don’t think you have to be 18 years old and 24/7 online to use it. To me, it comes down to 1 pretty easy principle.

“Provide useful information for the people you want to interest in your business! And spread that information in an entertaining way through social media.” A helpful rule of thumb I found, is 80% information and 20% self-promotion. A bit like the guy on the local market who lets you try a piece of exotic fruit. Letting you try means he provides you with the information whether you like the product, he might add a few facts about how healthy it is. And by chatting with you, he establishes a personal relationship. So, you might end up not only buying this fruit today, but coming back to his stand every week, because he is such a nice and generous guy 😊

Content marketing works after the same principle, only that we don’t share an actual piece of our product, but instead our story and useful information. Give something to your potential guest. For a resort, that can be some information about seasons, weather, a day trip they can take when they are there, some little-known details about a special animal they can see there, a great stop they can make on their way, to just name a few. Small resorts probably live more of the personal bond than most other industries, so we can also use that fact by sharing some personal stories, introducing our team, maybe even some of their families. And what about adding a new section to the usual FAQs to your website. Why not add FTS and tell your “Frequently told stories”?

“Corona specific topics” can range from renovations and adjustments to what animals have been visiting your resort, did you do something to support the local communities, to staff dives or hikes and beach clean-ups. And for diving businesses, I am sure everyone wants to know if the lack of tourists had some effect on the underwater world, so share what difference you can see. I think, the only rules are: keep it positive and tied to your business or area.

The next step is to reach out, so while your fans and regular guests will enjoy you sharing stories on a regular basis, and it is a nice reminder for them that they want to visit again, they are only part of the target group. You want to reach other travelers, and to find them, you need to join a few groups. Travel groups for your area, for your activities, your age group, the main nationality of your guests, etc. You know who your guests are, so all you need to do is to look for groups matching your clientele and join them. Take a bit of time for that step, you only need to do it once, and there are a lot of groups with even more rules. Some groups you can join as a page, others you can only join as a person. Making a list with the groups, the number of members, and categorize them if they allow general advertisement, blogs or videos only, direct links to websites, etc. That makes it easier to not get kicked out for violating their rules.

In which format you present your content, is up to your personal taste, ability, and available equipment. Written articles, podcasts, videos, picture series, take your pick.

Writing blog articles and posting them on your homepage is probably the most common way to keep your followers up to date. But not everyone loves writing, and not everyone reads long articles, so depending on the subject, more photos and less text can be just as good or even better.

Photos or videos are a great way to tell the story, when it comes to renovations, your latest impressions underwater or in nature. The most common technique is to post the full article only on your website and share pieces of it on social media, with a link to your site. And then, share these posts in the groups you picked for your business.

Additional to your own articles and posts, look for stories related to the area, changes in tourism or nature, and share them on your page, especially local stories. For that, I've also heard a rule saying only 20% own posts and 80% other relevant posts, but I don’t think that I would apply this to our scenario here. Having some general posts about what’s happening in your country, are airports open again, general environment projects, etc., can be a great addition to your personal stories and saves you some writing. And once you did all that, you can have a look at all the statistics, that facebook provides to find out what works best for you and how you can adjust.

But for today, let’s wrap it up: Content marketing on facebook comes down to, driving traffic to your website by sharing useful information and establishing a personal bond with your potential client. To reach that goal:

  • Tell a story on your website, use whatever format suits you and your clients.

  • Put a part of it on your facebook page and link it to your website.

  • Share these links in groups or create a similar post with the link directly in the group.

  • Additionally, you can share other relevant articles on your facebook page and like, comment, and engage in relevant posts, in your groups.

That doesn’t sound so scary, does it? And while I still prefer to be in nature, I believe that using a bit of our extra time to put our business out there now is well invested time. So let’s share the love and the story about our place with those who are only waiting to get on the first plane to paradise. They might use their extra time to pick which place that will be.

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